Security Papers

The following papers are completely unorderd and may be out of date.
WEP 802.11b Security
This paper provides the technical background for the recent attack mounted against the Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) encryption protocol used in 802.11b wireless local area networks. This is why you should stick to your old ethernet cable.
Aleph-One's Buffer Overflow
The famous Aleph-One paper discusses attacks and defences for buffer overflows in c-programs Any decent programmer should download this. Real cracks are mostly mounted against buffer overflows in daemons.
Smashing the Stack for Fun and Profit
On many C implementations it is possible to corrupt the execution stack by writing past the end of an array declared auto in a routine.
Written again by aleph1 for the Phrack magazine.
How to write a Buffer Overflow
The classical exploit explained.
Written for L0pht Heavy Industries by Mudge (taken over by @stake now)
Stack Smashing in the UNIX Operating System
This paper begins by assuming the reader has little/no knowledge of security exploits in the UNIX world, and then moves into more detailed material.
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