This server is running BSD as its operating system. BSD is open-source software based on UNIX and is running on every possible platform nowadays.

Apache is powering this website acting as the webserver. Apache is distributed by the Apache Software Foundation and is free as well as open-source.

Dynamic Content is provided by PHP, an interpreted scripting language loaded with features. PHP is very fast, reliable and can cooperate with all major databases. PHP is available under the PHP license allowing essentially free usage and source code access (Apache-style).


tor.ch was running on an old lunchbox, a SPARCstation LX with as much as 32 MB memory. This oldtimer was built by Sun and was still running fairly well for its age (Apart from the GR*-(XX*# loud fan) until June 13 2002, when it died without saying farewell at all.

Luckily, taridium.net and ncode.ch provide space and CPU power on Sun AMD64 hardware for us now.


If you would like to contact tor.ch, try the email address . Please note that we prefer signed and encrypted mail (use my PGP-key below) despite recent tendencies to accuse people of being suspicious doing so (only the bad hide their ways ...)..

The fingerprint of my PGP key is CC96 1782 99E7 25B0 8961 D387 B30C 11E2 B992 CAE2.


www.freebsd.org FreeBSD website
www.linux.org General Linux Information
www.tldp.org The Linux Documentation Project
www.apache.org The Apache Software Foundation
www.php.net PHP Home

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